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More sales meetings—without hiring or headaches

Old-school outbound sales engines are expensive and risky. And they’re quickly becoming less efficient. People management, spray-and-pray tactics, sameness, and manual tasks lead to low performance.  

We'll build you a smart automated outbound engine that will get you in front of future customers faster and cheaper—without hiring and managing an expensive sales team.

Build a competitive advantage with smart outbound

The good news: Smart outbound is damn hard to do right. 

There are dozens of ways to go to spam, hundreds of ways to write lifeless copy, and not screwing up your data is a bit like juggling hand grenades.

You need to pull together a wide array of skill sets (research, deliverability engineering, copywriting, coding, automation, training…) that few teams have.

We solve this using our diverse backgrounds, and our methodology.

How it works

Deliverability engineering

Imagine crafting the perfect sales email only for it to land in the spam folder. This happens more than you think. And as a result, millions are lost every day.

We’ll engineer a system to get you straight into the inbox.

We control for dozens of factors; most sales teams miss the basics.

Some common screw ups:

❌ Sending from your primary domain (massive business risk)

❌ Tracking open rates (kills your reply rate)

❌ Using only one inbox per sales rep (use many!)

We ensure that you get the dozens of details right, so you have a robust system that keeps you out of the spam folder, while sending tens of thousands of emails (or more!) a month.

Relevancy enhancements

Find the right person, at the right company, at the right time.

We’ll monitor your TAM for signals that companies are ready to buy, auto-research LinkedIn for the right titles, and auto-search a variety of databases for the right contact information.


Old-school sales engines are powered by legions of SDRs. We automate absolutely everything possible, and keep our humans in the loop to ensure quality stays high.

This way, humans are not a bottleneck, which enables a high volume of sending.

Message crafting

After finding the right person, at the right company, at the right time, we use a combination of AI-powered internet-stalker data enrichment, outside-the-box copywriting, and GPT-4 to craft a charming message that increases your chance of getting the meeting.

We give our clients the option to preview or edit any messages before they go out, until we’re fully satisfied that the messaging is perfectly resonant.


We usually start with email. But to get the most out of your TAM and maximize results, we can leverage other channels as well. 

To name a few: hyper-creative direct mail, SMS, phone, programmatic advertising, e.g., on LinkedIn, and WhatsApp messages.

Scaled sending

The fun part. You start sending to a highly relevant list and arriving in inboxes thanks to deliverability engineering. Your message is resonating, and it looks great due to thoughtful copywriting, data enrichment, and AI automation.

Turn on the afterburners—it’s time to scale up and close some deals!

The team behind Atom8

We're a four-person company. Collectively, we've helped multiple fast-growing B2B SaaS companies grow their ARR more than 10X. We blend decades of experience in marketing, product management, sales, and engineering to help more SaaS companies win in the new GTM era. 

You'll work directly with us. No junior team. 

Emils V

A decade in marketing, and growth. Hundreds of experiments, big wins, big flops.

Nathan L

Revenue engineering and conversion-focused UX research for B2B SaaS.

Alex Z

A product leader with a decade of experience in the software industry.

Ryan H

A B2B SaaS product marketing leader layered with five years of recruiting experience.

Done for you – we book the meetings and everything else: Research, system setup, tool selection, copywriting, deliverability engineering, and more

Early access pricing

Ideal for founder-led sales, product-led, or small sales teams looking to add, test, and scale outbound as a channel (100% automatically)

You get meetings with qualified prospects who are in the market for your solution

You don't need to pay for tools

You don't need to manage anything

We'll iterate, test, and write your signals and copy

Weekly reporting and check-in

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Full transparency (we won't send anything without your approval)

Spots limited

Starts at $5999/month

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